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Material Wonder


After a six-month hiatus, TNT (Thursday Night Thing) returns to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s (MCASD) downtown location on Thursday, November 5, for a dynamic evening of live music, art-making activities, and interactive performances themed around the new exhibition, Tara Donovan, the first major museum survey of artist Tara Donovan’s work. Taking inspiration from her large-scale installations based on the physical properties of accumulated everyday materials, this TNT will celebrate the “Material Wonder” in the everyday. MCASD, along with local community partners The Loft (UCSD ArtPower!) and Sezio, will present an interactive art-making activity led by local artist David Adey, performances by famed balloon artist Addi Somekh, and live music by Money Mark and Birds and Batteries. TNT admission is now $10 for the general public, $7 for students, and free to MCASD members. (www.mcasd.org)   JANE SHIOMI


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