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Cygnets Tenth Season


The critically acclaimed Cygnet Theatre in Old Town has announced its tenth season. From its first year in its Rolando area venue to the perfectly attuned Old Town theater now, Cygnet’s work is consistently admirable. A hallmark of the group’s productions is the great respect shown for plays and actors. The comedies are very funny, quirky plays definitely offbeat, scary vehicles pretty horrific, and sentimental pieces are designed for complete tear-filled hanky response. Cygnet remodeled the Old Town space when it moved in and knows exactly how to use it. But there’s a ghost in the house. The legendary Old Town Ghost, referred to as Charlie, bumps doors and moves things. He’s part of the theatrical scene.

Director/actor Sean Murray, who also constantly interfaces with the public to draw audiences, deserves much of the credit for Cygnet’s increasing success. He attracts talented, loyal performers, and his casting sense is unerring. Think of past productions of Parade, Cabaret, and A Little Night Music. The upcoming season opens with a rousing production of Man of La Mancha on July 14, followed by the West Coast premiere of Mistakes Were Made, a tale about a fast-talking B-list producer who gets in over his head with a daunting epic. Look for a live radio play of A Christmas Carol during the holidays and an August Wilson play in early 2013. (619/337-1525, www.cygnettheatre.com)    DARLENE G. DAVIES


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