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Body Of Work


Visit the first Southern California showing of Body Worlds & The Brain — Our Three Pound Gem: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. This unique and educational exhibition, opening at the San Diego Natural History Museum on March 5, will feature more than 200 real human body specimens, including over 20 whole bodies and healthy and unhealthy organs, all preserved through a remarkable process invented by anatomist Gunther von Hagens, MD called plastination. As a result of his efforts, visitors are able to see inside the human body, learn how it works, and discover the ways it can be affected by disease and lifestyle choices. The exhibition includes a special feature on the wonders of the brain, inspired by findings in neuroscience on brain development, function, disease, disorders, and brain performance and improvement. (877/946-7797, www.sdnhm.org)   MASON RICHEY


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