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A Lifelong Love Affair With Textiles


Part-time San Diego County resident Zandra Rhodes is spectacular in every way. The famous British-born designer has been the subject of numerous exhibitions around the globe over many decades. Her gorgeous garments are meticulously constructed of the most beautiful materials, to be treasured and worn repeatedly. Rhodes is currently the subject of Mingei International Museum’s Zandra Rhodes — A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles, on view through April 3, 2011. The exhibit features Rhodes’ haute couture clothing of the 1960-1980s and fittingly concentrates on the creative process, which includes her approach to shape, color, technique, and global influences. Over the years, she has found her themes in many natural and multicultural sources. Knowing that, Mingei has complemented her dresses with textiles and objects from the museum’s collection to illustrate the great variety of cultural origins inherent in her work. Delightful and informative, this show is a must see. (619/239-0003, www.mingei.org)   DARLENE G. DAVIES


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