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40 North Dance Film Fest


40 North Dance Film Fest

The first of its kind, 40 North Fest is a dance-film festival taking place August 7-8 at White Box Theater in Point Loma’s NTC Liberty Station. This year’s festival includes short films displaying various types of dance using diverse film styles such as documentary, experimental, music video, narrative, and more. Expect two nights of diverse programming featuring works by dancers from National Ballet of Canada, Emmy-award winning directors, art-house filmmakers, as well as local emerging artists. The festival aims to bring dance and artistic filmmaking to a broader audience and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations at the local, national and international scale. “We received incredible submissions from all over the world and we received some incredible submissions from local San Diegans. We are just very excited to bring these talented artists together and create a forum for exchange,” says festival co-creator Chelsea Zeffiro. Films to be presented are listed in full on the festival Web site. (www.40northfest.com)

40 North Dance Film Fest
Rebecca Correia, Blythe Barton, and Chelsea Zeffiro


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