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Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival

Embarcadero Marina Park North
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The Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival will make its long-awaited return to San Diego when the three-day festival kicks off featuring more than 80 bands from all musical genres — including Gwen Stefani and Kings of Leon — across eight stages uniquely positioned along the iconic waterfront of America’s Finest City.

Headlining the Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival are three-time Grammy Award-winner and multi-platinum solo artist Gwen Stefani, four-time Grammy-winning rock band Kings of Leon, three-time Grammy-winning country music performers The Zac Brown Band, and two-time BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Award winner Schoolboy Q. Wonderfront will cover the musical spectrum from award-winning artists to up-and-coming performers and everything in between. And every genre imaginable will be featured over the three days including rock, rap, reggae, R&B, hip hop, country, and more.

The Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival will get underway on Friday, November 18, setting the stage for more than 27 hours of uninterrupted live music over the three days. Doors open at 2:30pm on Friday with the first acts set to take the stage at 2:45pm On Saturday and Sunday (November 19 & 20), doors will open at 12 noon each day with bands and artists performing both days from 12:30-10pm.

Stages for the festival are located at Embarcadero Marina Park North, Seaport Village, Ruocco Park (adjacent to Seaport Village) and aboard the Spirit of San Diego Flagship vessel Marietta. The eight named stages are the Events.com Headliners Stage, the Port of San Diego Stage, and the Sugarshack Sessions Stage (all located at Embarcadero Marina Park North); the Coors Light Stage and the ImmerXion Stages (at Seaport Village); the TUStreams Stage and The Silent Disco Stage (at Ruocco Park); and the Spirit of San Diego Marietta Stage at the 5th Ave. Landing.

The complete 2022 Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival lineup can be found below.


Events.com Stage at Embarcadero North

Friday, November 18
Myron Elkins                2:45-3:20pm
Lainey Wilson              4:05-5:00pm
Cam                                6:10-7:10pm
Zac Brown Band          8:30- 10pm

Saturday, November 19
Lilly                                12:30-1:30pm
Mod Sun                        2:35-3:35pm
Fitz & The Tantrums   4:40-5:40pm
Lauren Daigle               6:40-7:40pm
Kings of Leon               8:40-10pm

Sunday, November 20
Cydeways                     1:30-2:30pm
Noah Cyrus                  3:40-4:40pm
Cage The Elephant     5:50-7pm
Gwen Stefani               8:15-9:45pm


Port of San Diego Stage at Embarcadero North

Friday, November 18
Daring Greatly             3:20-4:05pm
Saint Motel                   5:05-6:05pm
Young the Giant           7:10-8:25pm

Saturday, November 19
Saint Cecilia                  1:30-2:30pm
Judah & The Lion        3:35-4:35pm
Two Feet                        5:40-6:40pm
Soja                                 7:40-8:40pm

Sunday, November 20
Carlie Hanson              12:30-1:25pm
Skip Marley                   2:35-3:35pm
Max                                 4:45-5:45pm
Big Boi                            7-8:10pm

Sugarshack Sessions Stage at Embarcadero North

Friday, November 18
Veni Sun                         2:45-3:05pm
Myron Elkins                4:20-4:50pm
Daring Greatly              5:50-6:10pm
Trevor Hall                    7:05-8:10pm

Saturday, November 19
Cydeways                      2:30-2:50pm
Echosmith                    4:10-4:30pm
Kat Hall                         5:50-6:10pm
Bikini Trill                    7:50-8:10pm

Sunday, November 20
Boostive                        2:30-2:50pm
Keni Can Fly                4:10-4:30pm
The K. Kid                    5:50-6:10pm
Hirie                              7:45-8:05pm

Coors Light Stage at Seaport Village

Friday, November 18
Joey Purp                      3:15-4pm
Trevor Hall                   4:45-5:45pm
Quinn XCII                   6:30-7:45pm
Earthgang                     8:45-10pm

Saturday, November 19
Desure                           1:35-2:20pm
Hirie                              3:10-4:05pm
Tai Verdes                    4:50-5:45pm
Swae Lee                       6:45-7:45pm
G-Eazy                           8:45-10pm

Sunday, November 20
Kalidescope Kid           1:30-2:15pm
Almost Monday            3-4pm
Hippie Sabotage           4:45-5:45pm
Thundercat                    6:40-7:40pm
Schoolboy Q                  8:35-9:45pm

ImmerXion Stage at Seaport Village

Friday, November 18
Drew Dapps                     4:00-4:45pm
Immerxion w Arkit)(T   5:45-6:30pm
Telykast                             7:45-8:45pm

Saturday, November 19
110% Movement              2:25-3:10pm
Immerxion w Arkit)(T   4:05-4:50pm
Goldfish                            5:45-6:45pm
Whethan                           7:45-8:45pm

Sunday, November 20
Party Shirt                        2:15-3pm
Immerxion w Arkit)(T   4-4:45pm
Bakermat                         5:45-6:40pm
Cheat Codes                    7:40-8:35pm

TUStreams Stage at Ruocco Park

Friday, November 18
Mix Love                          2:45-3:35pm
John Robert                    3:55-4:50pm
Caroles Daughter           5:20-6:20pm
The Brook & The Bluff  6:50-8pm
Bea Miller                        8:30-9:30pm

Saturday, November 19
The Alive!                         1-2pm
Weston Estate                  2:30-3:30pm
The Driver Era                 4-5:15pm
J Boog                               6-7:15pm
Echosmith                        8-9:30pm

Sunday, November 20
Grupo Corrupta                12:30-1:15pm
Keg The Band                    1:45-2:45pm
Tapy Quintero                   3:15-4:15pm
Explosion Nortena           4:45-5:45pm
Niko Rubio                         6:30-7:30pm
Fuerza De Tijuana            8:15-9:30pm

Silent Disco Stage at Ruocco Park

Friday, November 18
G Murph (Ch. 1)               4-5:30pm
Victor (Ch. 2)                   4-5:30pm
Feels (Ch. 1)                     5:30-7pm
Daniel G (Ch. 2)              5:30-7pm
Mo Lyon (Ch. 1)               7-8:30pm
E-Roc (Ch. 1)                    8:30-10pm
Sig-O (Ch. 2)                    8:30-10pm

Saturday, November 19
E-Roc (Ch. 1)               4-5:30pm
Sig-O (Ch. 2)                4-5:30pm
Can’t B3 (Ch. 1)           5:30-7pm
Onetrack Mind (Ch. 2) 5:30-7pm
Mikeski (Ch. 1)             7- 8:30pm
DJ Miggs (Ch. 2)          7- 8:30pm
DJ Pacman (Ch. 1)       8:30-10pm
DJ Rells (Ch. 2)             8:30-10pm

Sunday, November 20
Can’t B3 (Ch. 1)               4-5:30pm
Onetrack Mind (Ch. 2)  4-5:30pm
DJ Rampage (Ch. 1)       5:30-7pm
DJ Pacman (Ch. 2)         5:30-7pm
Mikeski (Ch. 1)                7-8:30pm
DJ Miggs (Ch. 2)             7-8:30pm
Jana (Ch. 1)                     8:30-10pm
Daniel G (Ch. 2)             8:30-10pm

Spirit of San Diego Stage at 5th Ave. Landing

Friday, November 18
Band of Gringos              3-3:45pm
Band of Gringos             4-4:45pm
Mix Love                          5-5:45pm
Mix Love                          6-6:45pm
The Naked I                     7-7:45pm

Saturday, November 19
Hailey Wild                     12-12:45pm
Hailey Wild                     1-1:45pm
Daring Greatly                2-2:45pm
Daring Greatly                3-3:45pm
Keni Can Fly                   4-4:45pm
Keni Can Fly                   5-5:45pm
Soul Flow                        6-6:45pm
Soul Flow                        7-7:45pm

Sunday, November 20
Daring Greatly              12-12:45pm
Daring Greatly              1-1:45pm
Mix Love                        2-2:45pm
Mix Love                        3-3:45pm
Kaleidoscope Kid         4-4:45pm
Kaleidoscope Kid         5-5:45pm
Aviator Stash                6-6:45pm
The Naked I                  7-7:45pm