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Tea3 Foundation Benefit Concert

Ryan Bueter of The Killer Dueling Pianos, Sandy Bonar, and Sandra den Uijl
Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse
Image Credits Gilda Adler

The Tea3 Foundation will host its first signature fundraising event of 2023 by bringing back The Killer Dueling Pianos, based on the overwhelmingly positive response from last year’s concert.

“The Tea3 Foundation is excited to expand the fundraising commitment made to Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County for their Community Mentoring Programs for At-Promise Youth,” says Sandra den Uijl, Tea3 Foundation president. “Their programs strive to stimulate and prepare the children in our community facing the greatest need to succeed and thrive in their lives.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters CEO and President Tina Rose says, “Big Brothers Big Sisters is honored to partner with the Tea3 Foundation to amplify the mission to create a brighter future for San Diego youth through empirically proven one-to-one mentoring programs. Together, we will empower the curiosity and confidence of young people on their journey to become the leaders of tomorrow.”

The benefit concert is themed “Queen of Hearts” to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To learn more about BBBS, click here.