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Limitless Growth, Limited World

Limitless Growth, Limited World
ICA San Diego / North
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Opening the season at ICA San Diego / North are Artist-in-Residence Yaw Owusu and Regional Artist Carolina Caycedo.

Both artists approach consumption from a monetary perspective by unpacking the exchange of wealth and its impact on cultural history. At the center of Owusu’s residency, who will be on-site from September 9 through October 9 and whose work will be on view through November 20, is the question: What is the value of a penny? Through an oxidation process, Owusu turns pennies into a variety of colors and combines them in visually striking sculptures that transform the depreciated copper into art objects whose value is determined by social, cultural, and economic exchange. On view through October 30, Caycedo’s work tells the story of Puerto Rico’s paper bonds and how they represent the colonial past and the justifications for the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. On September 9 at 6pm, the community is invited to an Opening Reception to meet the artists. This all-ages celebration includes drinks, food, and music.