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Patti’s Spirit Lives! 40 Year Art Retrospective

ICA San Diego / Central (Balboa Park)
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Benefits ICA San Diego

ICA San Diego will present a wall-to-wall display of cards and other pieces of art created over four decades by former artist and La Jollan Patti Cooprider to honor her legacy and raise money to help fulfill her dream to give children access to art education.

The posthumous exhibition already includes about 500 cards and works of art from the Cooprider home, and the hope is to grow that with cards on loan from those who received them. The presentation of work, helmed by her husband of nearly 62 years, Coop Cooprider, will coincide with the formation of the Patti’s Spirit Lives! KidsArtEd Fund, an endowment in Patti’s name that will provide free access to arts education for underserved San Diego youth ages 5-17 through ICA San Diego’s onsite classes and outreach programs.

A VIP donor preview takes place on April 27 from 5-7 pm (entry is a minimum $250 donation or ICA Supporter membership); the following four days are open for public viewing. Those who have cards they would like included in the exhibit can send them to Coop Cooprider at PO Box 927654, San Diego, CA 92192 with the owner’s name, address, and contact information on the back. 

Coop Cooprider with artwork by his late wife, Patti
Coop Cooprider with artwork by his late wife, Patti
Featured Photo Coop Cooprider with artwork by his late wife, Patti
Image Credits Photo by Bob Stefanko