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Discovery Days

Discovery Days
The Forum Carlsbad
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Image Credits Photography courtesy of San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum

Spark your child’s imagination this summer during Discovery Days at The Forum Carlsbad.

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum will join the center each week in The Garden Area with five hands-on, mobile, innovative exhibits designed to engage families in exciting STEM-based learning challenges. The complimentary summer series will be held on Fridays July 21 through August 18 from 10am to 2pm.

The rotating exhibits will include:

Rigamajig: This set of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope allows children to learn about engineering and craftsmanship through play. Children get a chance to use their hands and problem solve to build anything they can imagine.

Light Wall: Experiment with light and design using giant, colored pegs on the light wall. Literacy, shapes, patterns and more are reinforced with this hands-on exhibit.

Imagination Playground: Discover the fundamentals of architecture using large foam blocks. Children’s collaboration skills will be put to the test as they work together to complete challenges.

Snap Circuits: Snap Circuits is a kit with pieces that snap together to create complete circuits. Children and grownups can easily follow projects to light up a light bulb, make a fan spin, and even create noise with a speaker. This exhibit is a great way for children to learn about electricity, engineering and circuits.

Wind Tunnel: This exhibit allows children to experiment with aerodynamics. They will explore how lift, drag and air pressure affect a flying object. Little ones will launch a scarf into the wind tunnel and watch as it floats to the top or gets stuck at the bottom.

Ramps: Playing with ramp systems helps children explore and discover how structure affects elevation, speed, distance and motion. This collection of loose parts can be combined in many ways — making the construction possibilities endless.

Coding: With colored markers, paper and Ozobots, children discover the magic of coding. Little robots will teach kids about computer engineering, robotics, and the importance of testing and improving their designs.