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Baja Lifestyle and Travel Expo

Baja Lifestyle and Travel Expo
Crown Point Park
Image Credits Courtesy of Baja Bound Expo
Baja Bound Insurance presents the 2nd Annual Baja Lifestyle and Travel Expo, offering attendees a celebration of Baja’s rich culture and captivating travel experiences.
Taking place from 12-5pm, the Baja Lifestyle and Travel Expo will feature more than 100 engaging booths showcasing the region’s finest treasures from arts and crafts to culinary delights, enticing visitors to explore every facet of Baja’s vibrant lifestyle. In addition to an array of exhibitors, the expo will feature inspiring guest speakers who will share their travel insights, offering valuable tips and recommendations for fellow adventurers. Attendees will also be treated to live music, creating a festive and fun atmosphere throughout the day. For foodies, a delicious lineup of food trucks will be on hand, serving up mouthwatering dishes that epitomize the flavors of Baja. To complement the festivities, the expo will include a beer and wine garden, allowing attendees to unwind and toast to the camaraderie that comes from sharing travel stories. Admission is free.