Women & Science

Due to the unfolding novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, the Women & Science event at Salk has been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date. Additional information will be posted at salk.edu and salk.edu/events/public-events in the near future.

Women & Science Design and Discovery Showcase

March 18, 2020 | Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Event chair Priscilla Wood Balikian and honorary chairs Tina Simner and Linda L. Chester present an evening of fabulous food and stimulating conversation. The Salk Institute Women & Science program’s special spring event will focus on nutrition, healthy aging, and cutting-edge neurological discoveries. From 4:30-7pm, learn ways to optimize health with scientific presentations from Salk scientists, and a panel discussion and cooking demonstration from celebrity chefs, the Pollan family: Tracy, Dana, and Lori Pollan, and their mother, Corky. Tracy will highlight some of the benefits she and her husband, Michael J. Fox, have experienced from eating a mostly plant-based diet. salk.edu/designdiscovery

Women & Science

The Pollan family