Eco-Friendly & Alluring Environments
It all about being green these days. Homeowners are installing solar panels, repurposing building components, and sourcing renewable materials. (No more hardwood floors that contribute to the destruction of rainforests.) Rather than creating a hardship, these adaptations seem to be resulting in more creative and ingenious abodes.

In the garden, San Diegans have embraced plants that tolerate our arid climate and adopted a lawn-be-gone mentality. Now we borrow grevilleas and kangaroo paws from Australia; protea, agapanthus, and sweet pea shrubs from South Africa; and phormium tenax (flax) from New Zealand; while embracing our own native California plants. Water barrels, where we capture what little rain we have, have become the ultimate green status symbol. ELIZABETH HANSEN

Congratulations to this year’s Readers’ Choice Best of San Diego winners!

Best Real Estate Agent/Company:
Barry Estates (858/756-4024,
K. Ann Brizolis (858/756-6355,

Best Mortgage Company:

Samuel Scott Financial Group (858/259-6070,

Best Home Builder:
Holcombe Homes (858/756-2690,

Best Interior Designer:
Amy Meier Designs (858/848-4151,

Best Remodel Source:
Wardell Builders (858/793-4190,
Builders Candy Store (760/634-3220,

Best Furniture:
Lawrance (888/400-6627,

Best Antiques:
The McNally Company Antiques (858/756-1922,

Best Home Accessories:

Le Dimora (858/759-2709,

Best Landscape:
Watersedge Landscape (619/316-5040,
Terra Bella Landscape Development (858/335-8151,

Best Nursery:
Armstrong (760/634-2975,

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