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Youthful Engineering

Using life-sized Lego-like parts to build modular bikes and scooters, Infento introduces engineering to children...


In an attempt to bring engineering to children that doesn’t involve phones and video games, Infento had the idea of using of life-sized Lego-like parts to build modular bikes and scooters. The Amsterdam-based company’s customizable vehicle kits include interchangeable parts that are easy to assemble so that kids can build a tricycle one day, a scooter the next, a bicycle after that, and even motorized vehicles like go-karts (with a separately sold motor). There are numerous kits to choose from, including the Master Creator Kit, Big Snow Kit, and Whizz Kit, to name a few. Users merely need one kit and a single hex key to create a number of different rides. Infento creations are designed to evolve with the child from toddlerhood well into their teens. Prices vary depending on kit. infentorides.com 


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