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Who’s There?


Who’s There?

Imagine your doorbell just rang. You cringe. You get out of your chair, squint through the peephole, and you hope against hope it’s not some person trying to sell you a vacuum. What if you could just look at an app on your phone to see who’s out there and tell them no one’s home? Such is the premise of the SkyBell, an integrated doorbell that features a day and night vision video camera, speaker, two-way microphone, and motion sensor. It connects with your home’s WiFi network or 4G cellular network to let you know when someone rings your doorbell or is merely standing in your doorway.  You can then see, hear, and speak with your visitor, all on your cell phone. The doorbell must be hardwired into your home’s electrical system, but that ensures it is always powered on. Get one for every door of your house and send each individual feed to our phone. And yes, the app allows you to just open the video camera even if nobody is there–so you can confirm what your neighbor’s dog is doing to your rose bushes. Pick it up for $199   skybell.com


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