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Do The Wave



If your New Year’s resolution is to become the ultimate couch potato, then Onecue has just the thing for you. Just recline on your couch and wave your hand in front of its new freestanding, wireless remote to change channels or power devices on and off. Onecue uses recognition technology to affect just about anything with infrared-guided equipment such as TVs, cable and satellite boxes, DVD players, AV receivers, and even gaming consoles. It also works with Wi-Fi controlled devices such as Nest thermostat and Phillips Hue light bulbs, with more products and smart home devices being added over time. It comes with built-in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, a 3.0″ LCD display, an internal speaker, a micro-USB port, high performance CPU, and an adjustable TV/shelf mount. You’ll need to learn the pre-programmed gesture language motions, but after that your home’s devices are at your beck and call. The hardest decision you’ll make is what color to get it in: dark gray, silver, white, blue, or red. The Onecue can be pre-ordered now for $129. (www.theonecue.com)


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