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Viewer Satisfaction


Viewer Satisfaction

Much like smart watches, VR headsets are dominating the wearables game. Problem is, they’re usually pretty big and clunky, like the Oculus Rift. Avegant has come up with a sleeker alternative called the Glyph. Essentially a pair of dynamic headphones with two viewers built into the underneath of the headband, the Glyph is a conduit that will play any visual media you can pump into it by way of an HDMI cable. So anything on your phone, TV, video game console, tablet, laptop — you name it — will play before your eyes in high def 720p as if you’re watching a big screen TV from a few feet away. The Glyph may look a little goofy (cue the comments about the sleeping person whose headphones fell over his face), but it is a lightweight, simpler solution to immersing yourself in entertainment on the go. Prices start at $599. avengant.com


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