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The Fashionable Massage


The Fashionable Massage
Wearables just keep getting more useful, and AiraWear’s newest design is no exception. The company says its new massaging sweatshirt will be ready for presale sometime this month, though for now you’ll have to go to its Kickstarter page to get in on the action. The stylish sweatshirt’s built-in massage technology includes an inflation device similar to those used in luxury cars, offering a pinpoint massage to the wearer, covering everything from lower back to upper shoulders. The best part is that it can be controlled by a companion app on your smart phone. The designers say it works best if you’re sitting down, back against a chair. Aside from offering much-needed relaxation services, the sweatshirt promises to help end the onset of back pain and knots ,and improve posture. This massaging fashion wonder will be available for $250. airawear.com 


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