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Safe Money


Every year at the world-renowned computer hacker convention, DefCon, hundreds of journalists walk in the front door only to find their names and credit card information displayed across large plasma screens for everyone to see. It’s not done to be mean, but to prove a point — you don’t have to do anything except walk by a hacker with your cards in your wallet to get taken to the bank. Enter San Diego-based company iWallet Corporation, which is putting a stop to that. Its hacker- and theft-proof wallets are comprised of carbon fiber and aluminum chassis, and employ “space age materials” that block RFID readers and other scanners from getting your numbers. Further, each wallet uses a biometric fingerprint identifier to ensure only the owner can open it, and incorporates a Bluetooth “leash” that will sound an alarm when it separates from the owner’s phone (or other smart device) by 5 meters. Prices range from $420 to $560 depending on model and size, but it’s a wise investment, especially if you travel a lot. (www.iwalletusa.com)



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