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Run, Fido, Run


We’ve all seen the statistics: America is fat. And apparently so are our pets. See, cheap pet food is fatty, and when owners head to work all day, Fido and Mittens tend to just sleep. The pet lovers at Motion have come up with a new 24/7 tracking device, the Pet Activity Tracker, to help rectify that. The tracker monitors your pet’s daily activities and helps you train him to have better habits by setting Pet Points and awarding badges when they’re achieved. The monitor measures things like laziness and dynamic activity, and even sunlight and temperature to see if these are influencing activity as well. The waterproof tracker, which weighs only 7 grams, clips to the animal’s collar and relays all those statistics to an app on your phone. Points are shared on a leaderboard, so you can see where your pooch averages. Of course it’s up to owners to get their pets out and running, which makes it a win-win for both parties. Pick it up for $135. (www.motion.tractive.com)   RYAN THOMAS


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