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Rock Your Run



With New Year’s resolutions rolling in, you’ll want the latest in fitness gadgets to help you shed the holiday pounds. Alas, the best gadget for weight loss is still your own motivation and hard work, but there are plenty of apps on the market to help out. Like the RockMyRun app and Web site service that provides promotional running mixes for subscribers. Designed by professional DJs to enhance performance workouts, RockMyRun is a unique music system that keeps time with your body’s activity levels. Run faster, and the music goes faster. Slow down, and it chills out as well. It’s the answer to the need for music that always matches the mood you’re in while working out. And new mixes are continually uploaded to keep you on your toes. The app is free, and a premium membership to the catalog is only $35.99 per year. (www.rockmyrun.com)


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