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Ring Ring


It may seem like the gadget world leans toward men more than women, but with the recent trend in wearables, the market is looking hard at female fashion. Like Ringly’s new line of bling rings that use Bluetooth LE to connect to any iOS or Android device. Each ring is designed with semi-precious and precious gemstones — onyx, sapphire, emerald, and moonstone — set in an 18-karat gold-plated brass setting. When the wearer gets a call or text, the ring will either light up (througrh small gemstones on the side), vibrate, or both, to announce the incoming data. Just think about how many times you’ve missed a call or text while your phone is charging in the other room? Or all those times the car radio overpowered your ringer? It’s also a heck of a conversation piece. Prices range from $145-$180 depending on style and color. (www.ringly.com)



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