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Print Function

With so many password-protected websites these days, it can be maddening trying to remember all your logins. You can store them in your computer, but anyone getting access to them only really takes a few simple steps (Mozilla users can click on Options, then Security, then Saved Logins, then Show Passwords.) Enter the iTouch ID, a fingerprint bioscanner that fits into the USB port of your computer and logs all of your passwords for you, then accesses them only upon recognizing your fingerprint. Much like today’s phone fingerprint scanner apps, the iTouch ID not only boosts security, but lessens the time it takes to log in to all your consumer and social media sites. It’s not just for websites though; the bio scanner can be used to keep every element of your computer safe by locking your operating system, files, folders, and programs. It works with both Macs and PCs and can be purchased this summer for $129. (itouch.id/)


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