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Power Case


Alternative Energy, Inc.’s Solar Generator Briefcase is one of the most unique business accessories to hit the market recently. The case employs heavy-duty, high-quality material, including 18 amp/hour batteries that recharge via the built-in solar panel (you can also charge it up from a wall outlet if the sun is nowhere to be found). There are enough power support docks and bays to power a computer, cell phone, tablet — pretty much anything that plugs in. There’s even a car cigarette lighter outlet. It also sports a built-in 3-watt LED light bright enough to illuminate a room during blackouts. Programmable options include timers for sleep mode, power mode, and selective nodule modes (in case you want it to remember to charge your phone every morning). There is one downside, and that’s the weight. All that power isn’t light, and the case weighs in at a hefty 21 pounds. Still, if you’re venturing to remote parts of the world, out to sea, or to that cabin in the woods, it could be a lifesaver. $549. (www.altern-energy.com)   RYAN THOMAS

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