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Pizza on the Go


Pizza on the Go

Want to cook a pizza anywhere in the world in only 90 seconds? Of course you do! That’s why you’ll want to pick up the new portable stone oven from Roccbox. The company announced its cooking wonder on Indiegogo.com and has already achieved its crowdfunding goal, thanks to some impressive specs that tout ultra high-speed cooking times using both gas and wood-burning capabilities. The oven will reach temperatures of 930 degrees in 15 minutes, and once it’s lit, all of the thermal elements (dome insulation, stone floor and under floor insulation deck) begin to store and radiate heat evenly throughout the oven, mimicking an industrial stone-bake oven. Everything from pizza to meat to veggies is done in under two minutes. The Roccbox team has a background in designing conventional ovens and assures users it is perfectly safe. The majority of first run units are sold out, but the company still has close to 500 “fashionably late” deals left on its crowdfunding page. $489. roccbox.com   RYAN THOMAS



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