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Multicam Mevo


Multicam Mevo

Move over Skype, Facebook Live Streaming is quickly becoming the video conferencing choice of a generation, and in an effort to bring more than just single shot capabilities to the platform, camera maker Mevo has just developed a Facebook streaming camera that doubles as an entire multicam editing tool. It works by using Facebook’s own face recognition software, and then assigning “camera angles” to each face. For instance, set up the camera in your office, and it’ll recognize your co-workers sitting next to you, and ask if you want each person to get their own close-up feed. Then you can switch between those feeds on the fly, making your video conference session a bit like a TV newscast. The Mevo is perfect for streaming concerts, sporting events, and even theater productions–all in a camera the size of a baseball. The Mevo hits stores in July for $399, but interested parties can preorder one on the company’s website now for $100 less. (getmevo.com)


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