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A Manly Task


Remember in the ’80s when all men wanted a Rambo knife? Because it wasn’t just a knife, it was a complete survival tool with fishing line, needles, matches, a compartment for desalinization tabs, a compass, and more. Only thing it didn’t have was a phone. Until now. The brains at TaskLab came up with the perfect iPhone case for men, the TaskOne. Each case utilizes a slide-out compartment, hiding tools specialized for urban outings, bike trips, or more. Hidden items include a removable knife, a 1.8″ saw blade, small and large flathead screwdrivers, medium Phillips screwdriver, pliers with integrated 3-6mm wrench, wire cutters, 6 metric Allen wrenches (bike sizes 2.5-6), spoke wrenches (0.127, 0.130), wire stripper, ruler, bottle opener and kickstand. Available this month, just in time for Father’s Day, for $60-$70. (www.thetasklab.com)





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