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A Leap In Learning


A Leap In Learning

If your toddlers and preteens are itching for video games, but you don’t want them vegging out on the couch in front of the TV, consider grabbing them the new LeapTV gaming system, new from toy maker LeapFrog and set to debut this holiday season. Much like the Nintendo Wii, LeapTV utilizes wireless control wands to move characters and cursors on the screen, as well as a camera module to record body motions so children can play certain games simply by jumping around (much like the Microsoft Kinect). Unlike just about every system though, the LeapTV games are specifically designed to promote exercise in children, requiring jogging, dancing, walking, and all around calorie burning to advance to new stages. Additionally, LeapTV games are made to look like regular popular video games, employing franchise characters like Marvel Comics superheroes, but employ loads of educational problem-solving scenarios, including math, reading and writing, and logic/problem solving skills. So while there may be some hack/slash familiarity on the surface, rest assured children are benefiting from it. $150. (www.leapfrog.com)   RYAN THOMAS



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