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Leader of the Pack


Leader of the Pack

iPhone users who know the hassle of maxed-out memory and a draining battery while traveling might want to pick up the new Mophie Space Pack, a combination 3-in-1 protective case/charger/ storage disk. The whole unit snaps around the phone, with the charger unit fitting into the lightning drive port. Files can then be uploaded to the storage space through a free app, Space, from your computer or phone, filling as much as 64 additional gigs of memory (16 and 32 gig packs are also available). The recharge function is activated by a switch on the pack, replenishing your phone to full power whenever you need it. The sleek case itself is password protected so you can detach it from the phone and plug it directly into your computer like a flashdrive. To get the full scope of all it can do, check out the video on the company’s home page. $149. (www.mophie.com  RYAN THOMAS


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