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Gadget Guru October 2012


October means we’re in the midst of autumn, so it’s only appropriate we go Apple picking. But don’t worry, other touchscreen manufacturers are keeping pace.     RYAN THOMAS


I Opening Event

Without a doubt the biggest gadget news in weeks concerns Apple’s iPhone 5, which began shipping on September 21. Apple was quiet about all of the bells and whistles until their official release on September 12, but specs are now being scrutinized, including that it is 18 percent thinner than the 4S, has 18 percent more pixels on the Retina display — which is tre impressive — resulting in a larger screen size, and as a result will no longer support your old protective cases (the bloggosphere is fuming over that one). On the wireless front, they’ve switched to LTE technology, which Apple says is 60 percent faster than the tech in the iPhone 4, and a new A6 chip makes overall processing twice as fast as previous models as well. A handful of new apps will come installed, which can be seen on Apple’s Web site. There was no mini iPad announcement, which many were hoping for, but as for additional hardware, Apple did redesign the earbuds that come with the iPhone 5. Shaped like globes now, Apple says they will no longer fall out of your ears, but we’ll wait to see if that’s true. (www.apple.com)


Touch Time

Smart watches are finally entering the world of the touchscreen and Sony’s new Android SmartWatch comes with pretty convenient touchscreen apps like email, Twitter, and music players. Users can download other various apps via the Google Play Web site. The detachable face can be clipped to clothing, bags — what have you — in case you wish to remove it and still use it or swap it with different bands available through Sony’s Web site. The SmartWatch comes with a USB charger, which might prove annoying should you be out for long hours and need to recharge, but considering this is a touchscreen watch after all, some concessions are expected. On the upside, the watch is compatible with Android devices, Sony tablets, and several smartphone models in the Xperia, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung families. Pick it up for $149.99. (www.sonymobile.com)


The Projection Connection

Speaking of iPads and tablets, the new Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD all-in-one projector, speaker, and Apple-device dock combo is a great way to turn your tablet or phone into a portable movie theater. Sporting portable projection and audio, the projector boasts bright HD image quality with HD 720 pixel resolution, and 2800 lumens color/white light output. In layman’s terms, that’s an HD quality display up to 12 times larger than a 40-inch screen. Display pictures, show presentations, and watch movies already stored on your tablet, or stream them from the likes of Netflix and HuluPlus. If you’re not up for using it on your walls, an HDMI connector will link it up to most flat-screen TVs, but really, this was meant for warm summer nights outside under the stars. It works with products from Apple, Samsung, Sony, Google, and more, and retails for $799. (www.epson.com)


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