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Gadget Guru January 2013


It’s time once again for our New Year’s resolution gadget article. This year we’re focusing on physique, so to help you get toned for the upcoming beach season and lose your holiday party pounds, we’ve dug up some unique exercise gadgets.



Stride On

I’ll pretty much buy anything endorsed by Modern Family, and the StreetStrider is probably the most fun-looking thing we’ve seen in a long time (check out the “Yard Sale” episode to get a gander of it in action).  A combination bike and elliptical, the StreetStrider, the brainchild of Los Angeles-based StreetStrider International, duplicates the motion of the stationary elliptical cross trainer in a threewheeled mobile device designed to take its user for a ride outside while giving a full body workout. It might look a little funky, but stats prove it burns more calories than both bikes or stationary ellipticals. The StreetStrider is also useful for rehabilitation needs, and can ultimately just be used as a leisurely people mover if one so desires (like a Segue but with actual health benefits). The company offers several models for adults and kids, plus branded accessories for indoor use and transportation on a car. $499-$1599 depending on model. (www.streetstrider.com)



Underwater Waves

Underwater audio company Finis offered up its original SwiMP3 player a few years ago to rave reviews. This latest model expands memory to 2 gigs and adjusts some minor issues from previous models for better results. The SwiMP3 X18 is just what it sounds like, an underwater MP3 player designed for active swimmers. The most unique aspect of this aquatic wonder is its lack of headphones. Instead it employs a very sci fi-esque method of sending sound waves through your jaw bone to your inner ear. They call it bone conduction, we call it trippy coolness. The two “speakers” rest flat and comfortable against your cheeks, secured to your goggle straps, and pump your music, audio books, and podcasts to you without the fuss of earbuds and wires. $160. (www.finisinc.com)



Snow Vision

Heading to the ski slopes this holiday season? Pick up Oakley’s new Airwave Goggles to help you traverse those black diamonds. With a heads up display inside the visor, you can actually see what route you’re taking thanks to the GPS tracker and digital map display. Also in the HUD is analytic info on your run including speed, height of jumps, and distance traveled. Get one for your friends and the Airwave will track them on the mountain so you can keep in touch. And what would any snowboarder do without some tunes? The Airwave has BlueTooth technology so it can sync up with your iPod or phone and blast “Mountain Song” on the way down to the lodge. Once there you can graph out your data from the goggles and search for your friend who swears he was heading to the steepest slope on the mountain, but is actually sweating it on the kiddie run. You knew it! $599. (www.oakley.com/airwave)     RYAN THOMAS


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