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Freedom Phone


Touting a new cell phone in this day and age is an uphill battle, what with Apple and Android products cornering the majority of the consumer market. But the One Plus, the newest contribution from the fledgling tech company whose motto is “never settle,” is making waves due to a relatively simple, and yet previously unutilized selling point: open source customizability. That means when you purchase a One Plus phone you can tweak it however you want, without being beholden to the likes of the Apple app store or the Google Play store. Okay, you can technically do this with Android products now, but you need to import the Cyanogen Mod first. Thankfully this phone comes with it built in, making it easy to change everything up to your liking. And it is sold unlocked and free of contract. 16G and 32G versions are available with both the usual bells and whistles, like a 13-megapixel camera, and some new ones like gesture technology (swipe in a V to active the flashlight; swipe in a circle to activate your camera; swipe up then down to turn on your music). And with the latest TVs shipping with 4K technology, you’ll want 4K video recording capabilities. Yep, it’s got that. Order it now for $299-$349. (www.oneplus.net)


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