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Cycle Display


Cycle Display

The Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet features so many automotive and sci-fi goodies you’d think it was designed for Iron Man. To start, it features a rear view camera mounted on the back. On the inside visor is a full HUD showing the rear view camera feed with a near 180-degree viewing angle, so there’s no worry of blind spots. Need directions? Yup, it’s got that too, offering full GPS directions that appear on command and disappear when not in use. It also flashes dashboard stats — speed, gear, tachometer, etcetera (if your bike is new enough to support the link). And its Infinite Focus technology allows it to work with anyone who wears glasses, since the graphics are displayed at virtual depths. It comes with two batteries that keep the helmet working up to 20 hours on a charge. It doesn’t ship until 2015 but preorders are being taken now for $1,399. (www.skullysystems.com)   RYAN THOMAS



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