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A Cleaner Robot


A Cleaner Robot

iRobot, maker of the famous Roomba, just released the newest addition to its line of automated home cleaning robots, the Braava. Unlike the Roomba’s vacuum capabilities, the Braava is a full-fledged mopping marvel that will scoot along your hardwood or tile floors and have them looking shiny and new in minutes. It fits three different cleaning pads — wet, damp, and dry — and the mopping head to which you attach the pad not only sweeps the floor but also vibrates to help loosen dirt and stains. Dirty pads can be disposed of by a button that will drop them into the trash. Also unlike the Roomba, which bumps around a room in a random pattern, the Braava drives in straight lines and uses its bumper, wheel odometers, and gyro to progressively create a map of its surroundings. To keep it from entering unwanted areas, users merely position the robot facing away from any spaces off limits, and it will create a virtual wall it won’t pass. There are two sizes of Braava, large and small, retailing at  $299 and $199, respectively. irobot.com


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