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The EnCompass Program, a unique, experiential workshop that has been proven to achieve significant and sustainable improvement for its participants in both their personal and professional lives, is coming to Morgan Run Resort & Club April 22-25. The four-day workshop represents the culmination of decades of research and training by Doug Carter and John Cunningham, who will be facilitating the program. Carter is a behavioral trainer with an incredible record of success — he has given nearly 5,000 speeches to approximately 1.2 million people on five continents. Cunningham is a certified therapist who has developed a patent-pending application of bilateral stimulation, a technique that teaches you how to more effectively utilize both hemispheres of your brain during times of emotional upset. For more information and to reserve your seat, please call Jeff Weinberger, private events director of Morgan Run. (858/759-5493)   JANE SHIOMI


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