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Portable Purity


Virus Zero

Consider a bit of New Year’s detoxing by keeping unnecessary pollutants out of your system with the new Virus Zero, a portable air purification system designed for on-the-go travelers who want clear air wherever they are. About the size of a coffee mug, Virus Zero doesn’t pass air through a filter like other purification devices. Instead it uses a new type of Samsung SPi technology to send cleansing ions into the air, removing 99 percent of contaminants like dust, allergens, mold, pet dander, viruses, smoke, and other odors. The device also cleans surfaces that the ions come in contact with such as tabletops, television remotes, counters, you name it. It comes with a car adapter as well, perfect for those crawling commutes through LA gridlock. The Virus Zero retails for $179 and can be ordered through the company’s Web site. (www.viruszero.com)


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