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Warhol Out West


The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art in Las Vegas continues its record of presenting highly interesting art exhibitions with its current Warhol Out West, on view through October 27. Pop art icon Andy Warhol is represented by work from his Cowboys and Indians, Ads, and Dollar Sign series. As with previous exhibitions at the Bellagio (including one in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego), this one is meticulously curated. Eric Shiner, director of the Andy Warhol Museum, captures the essence of Warhol, saying: “Whether Elvis, Liz, Campbell’s Soup, or a Brillo box, Warhol’s subjects represent America in all of its many guises.” He hopes visitors “think about the relationship of the images in front of them with the landscapes of Las Vegas, from the kitsch to the fabulous and everything in between.”


Monthly Art & Wine Events (the second Wednesday of each month, from 5-7pm) are held directly in front of the Bellagio Gallery. Wines are paired with specific works of art. The wine tasting social hours are followed by a curator-guided tour of the exhibition. Cost is $30 for members and $38 for non-members. (702.693.7871, fineartgallery@bellagioresort.com)


Photography by Cashman Photo


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