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Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA

Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA

Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA

Through August 31, 2019 | Museum of Making Music

There was a time when accordion playing was ragingly popular. Then, it fell from favor. Now, the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad has taken notice of the instrument’s current status and is exploring the many ways in which fans are utilizing and reacting to it. As a result, an intriguing exhibition titled Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA has been mounted. The show celebrates a resurgence of the accordion and it does it in numerous ways, on recordings that cross genres of classical, jazz, Norteño, and punk, as well as in the stories told by musicians. The MoMM provides a historical look at the instrument from its beginning, through 1950s popularity, and to today’s modern form. Also featured is an expanded look at the inside of the accordion. Visitors will be playing the accordion quickly with the help of a how-to-get-started video and they can compose their own music via interactive instruments. 760.304.5844, museumofmakingmusic.org   Darlene G. Davies

Photo by Sonny Portacio


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