Serene Sanctuary

Posted June 24, 2020

For retired teachers Charlie and Jane McGhee, their favorite room at home isn’t even in the home. “We love our little house as it is perfect for just the two of us. But, we love our yard even more,” says Charlie. The Encinitas-based pair are both active gardeners who share the responsibilities, shopping for plants and ideas together. “Our yard has been completely transformed over the 28 years we have lived here. Jane and I love to travel, and we are drawn mostly to very tropical places,” he explains. “We wanted to create our dream tropical environment here, and with the direction of a few friends and our passion, we have been able to create something we can enjoy every day.”   Mia Park

Charlie and Jane McGhee in their Cardiff-by-the-Sea zen garden

Charlie and Jane McGhee in their zen garden

Photography by Vincent Knakal